I’m Michael, an IT consultant by trade but a music lover and photographer by heart.

If you like the way I take pictures, contact me, I’m available for band shootings and photographing your gig.  

No „three songs rule“.  Only full gigs.  In return, I promise not to be an asshole to the audience.

Backstage access, to do photojournalistic BTS documentation for you, is a bonus.  

I’m a fluent english speaker and have proper manners.  Although I’m a big guy, I’m unobstrusive, discreet and polite.  When working backstage, the comfort of the artists and respecting their personal space are an absolute priority.

I shoot Fuji X cameras exclusively.  They’re relatively small, quiet, really strong in bad light and have wonderful image quality.  Have a look at the gear page, if that stuff is of any relevance for you.



Michael Lamertz
Sonnenhalde 3
72813 St. Johann

☎ +49 171 6900310
✉ michael.lamertz@googlemail.com


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