Freelensing Concert Photography

Some time in 2016, I stumbled over the word „Freelensing“ and thought, „that’s interesting!“.  Basically, you take your lens off the camera body and hold it freely in front of the sensor opening, varying distance and angle while pressing the shutter.

Technically, this is a tilt/shift effect on steroids.  By angling the lens away from the plane of the sensor, you also angle the focus plane, so you can have things in vastly different distances in focus at the same time, while completely blurring out everything else.  Light bleeding into the gap between the lens and the camera body is a feature, not a problem.  The effect varies between being disturbing, feeling dreamy and a visualization of being under influence.

I was absolutely sure, that this kind of images were perfect to let the viewer feel the sometimes surreal, overwhelming sensation on concerts, so I gave it a try.

I cannot stop doing that anymore…

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