Yes, it’s blurry!

…I know.  That’s why it’s here.

In the beginning of my concert photography, I was under the impression, that photos had to be sharp, that unsharp pictures were not usable.

Later, especially since I saw the work of Peter Lindbergh, I dropped that concept completely and now fully 0wn unsharp pictures.  Lack of sharpness, or better, the presence of unsharpness can add an atmosphere of sensuality, of being really deep in there, even of sensory overload, and that often has much more impact than being able to count every single hair in the eye lashes.

Here’s a collection, of both pictures that missed focus and pictures that are deliberately created blurry, be it by chosing a really slow shutter speed or by focusing slightly off.

All pictures, especially the unsharp ones, have passed multiple runs of culling.  Before I notice, if a picture is sharp or not, I immediately register, if it triggers an emotion or not.  So if it does, I’ll leave it in and re-evaluate on every culling run that follows, always questioning: „Does that still trigger me?  Does it resonate and create some kind of emotion?“  And many pictures have passed this test since I decided to no longer care if a picture is „technically correct“.  I’m convinced, this decision has made me a better photographer. 

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