Very much at the beginning of this passion, a friend and photographic mentor asked me

„Now that you photographed it, what will you do with it?“

In photography, there are few things that play in the same emotional league as actually taking a physical copy of a photograph in your hands.  It brings the connection to this work to a completely new level.

This is true for the most breathtaking giant fine art print as well as the tiniest, unsharp Instax print the size of your credit card.  I frequently gift the latter to artists that come right from the stage with shots I took during their performance.  Not one reacted unimpressed by these tiny, most often blurry prints.  Many cherish them, tell me years later, that this little print is still tucked to their fridge with a magnet (or in one case in the wallet of his wife) and looked at every day.

So, dear fellow photographers:


Do it for yourself, do it for your peers.  Trust me, it’s not a cheap addition to your already expensive hobby or profession, but even a high end printer costs less than half the price of a good lens.

I got myself a used Epson Stylus Pro 4800 from the year 2008.  That thing is built like a tank and I got it for the price of 3 gas refils for my car, and it prints up to A2 (roughly 17×24″) and on roll paper, and the prints come out gorgeous.

Here’s a collections of prints I ordered from Whitewall before taking the printing into my own hands, as well as recent work that I print now myself.  As of now, all framed works are ordered, all (yet) unframed ones are self printed.

A note for the concert photographers: If you see an artist more than once, consider bringing them a print.  I usually bring 2, one I gift to the artist, and one that I hope to get signed and that will go on my wall.

If you find a picture on this site, that you would like on your wall, contact me.


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