😀  Ok, tongue in cheek here.

A friend and photography mentor told me a while ago, he noticed my feet pictures.  They appeared too regular to be a coincidence, and he asked jokingly, if I had some kind of fetish.

The answer is no.  But…

As a photographer, I try to stand in the first row and sometimes have access to the stage itself, which gives me insights about details that are hidden behind the monitor speakers or the front row audience for 99% of the guests.

And it’s interesting stuff that happens there.  Artists are dancing, take up power stances, perform barefoot, do elegant movements, stomp rhythms, have nice shoe gear, push buttons on the pedalboard… I mean, how often have you seen, that the drummer at a rock concert, hidden behind his gear, is playing in socks with his shoes orderly placed at the side?  That’s not only interesting.  It’s fucking amazing.

So, let’s celebrate them!

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